Giampaolo Lo Conte at the Cryptoconference 2017

In Skolkovo more than 1.500 participants for cryptocurrency, Ico and blockchain

On the 28tth November was held in Moscow the Crypto Conference 2017, one of most awaited conference of the year.

At the technopark of Skolkovo, more than 1500 participants in front of 30 speakers, kept their self-abreast on contents related to cryptocurrency, Ico and blockchain and it’s not a coincidence that such event has been hosted in Skolkovo centre, it an high technology business area that Russia would like to be its personal Silicon Valley.
On the stage came in succession experts of field and entrepreneurs, while at the same time, Bitcoin break the record of 10.000 dollars. Nikita Musaliev, opened the conference works on virtual coin field, he is the teacher of federal program wanted by Vladimir Putin, “Cyber Russia”, “institution” with the purpose to train experts in start-up and virtual reality sectors. Musaliev explained the main concepts of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, the meaning of Ico, and illustrated which are the steps to pursue in the future and what has been already done.

What is an ICO

ICO means an Initial Coin Offer, that is an initial offer for a new coin emission and so a very expensive concept for whom are interested in  cryptocurrency and for whom wants to earn.

When a new coin it is issued, for nature it has no value, but it can gain value by passing time with its purchase and above all with the exchange with currencies that already have a specific value. In brief, if one decide to issue a coin, costs are very law (not having initial value), convincing people to buy it with the exchange of coins that have already value, the coin will increase its value and who has been issued it will start to earn real currencies.

Many companies are utilizing ICO to finance new projects; this item was the subject during the Crypto Conference 2017.

In particular has been made a question: “Is there a life after an Ico?”

Bringing the example of some companies that have been successful following an Initial Coin Offer, one’s could answer affirmatively. Nikita Marin, told his experience of ICOBox, company that helps societies from technological and legal point to launch an Ico. Only after 32 days, the Company collected 3.933 Bitcoin, for a value of 17 millions of dollars. Sergei Bobylev, was able to close the richest ICO in the country (43,2 millions of dollars).

Very followed has been also the speech of  Aleksandr Pakulaev, executive director of ‘Infinite Energy’, the first hosting opened for the mining.

The “mining” means the process by which cryptocoins is extracted through the computing power of many computers scattered around the globe..

Lo Conte believes that Russia has a large availability of cheap energy, and for this reason, the country could really become relevant in the field of cryptocoins.

Based on these items that suggested a good future, Moscow begins to move towards regulation of the sector.
Pavel Novikov, moderator of the conference, said about that: “The most important question for the world cryptocurrency development and of Ico is the legal question. Technologies are developing and regulators cannot follow them. But every country, and especially Russia, needs a legal frame, which che create better conditions for digital economy and turn out to attract talented researchers and investors”. President Putin in this sense has already appointed the Government to present a proposal of a legal frame within July 2018.

At the Crypto Conference 2017 was present also Giampaolo Lo Conte, successful entrepreneur and trader whom, on the border of the event, said: “Bitcoin experience opened a new door to the financial future. It is our responsibility to be able to meet the challenge, which takes place thanks to knowledge and important events like this”. On the Internet it is possible to read many articles of Giampaolo Lo Conte, most of which belong to financial and global economy. And not only: recently he partecipated in a event on cyber security, with the title “Cyber Security. The evolution of the Security and Ecosystem 4.0”, concerning the impact of security technology on Italian companies. “Also in this case, like for Bitcoin – concluded Giampaolo Lo Conte – it has been highlighted the technical evolution in the economic global fabric”, and a successful entrepreneur and trader like him had to consider such changes.